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The 11 track debut album from Toons, released on cassette by Old Flame Records.

Toons hail from Brooklyn New York, and like almost every other band to ever come out of NYC they sound like the coolest band on the planet as soon as you hear them! Noisey slacker pop at it's best, just a fantastic debut from start to finish. I predict big things for Toons in the next few years, make sure you snap up this tape before they go BIG!

They might even release something on Very Gun in the not to distant future ; )

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toons (usa)
matthew a i gregory : vocals/drums
brian wess : bass
davey jones : vocals/guitar
ryan foster : guitar

cover art by paul s oconnor (http://paulsoconnor.bigcartel.com/)
engineered and mixed by mike ditrio
recorded on quarter inch 8 track reel to reel in garden city ny

all songs written by matthew a i gregory & davey jones
Except “burnin’ bullets” originally conceived by matthew keener
“watch me change” originally conceived by jack bunn & matthew keener
Bazooka Joe
Prison Love (Death Row)
Strip Club Blues
Want You Back
N.E.T.S. (I Care)
Sittin' Back
Smile (Sold Out)
Burnin' Bullets
Watch Me Change


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