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(VG 21)

Very limited number of a killer split tape from Very Gun BFFs Burnt Palms & Canada's Love Cuts released by the excellent Lost Sound Tapes. Four brand new tracks from each band. Both donated a track each to the Very Gun Fuzz Pop compilation.

Here's what Lost Sound tapes have to say about the release:

An international split cassette tape release from two very close bands, Love Cuts (Vancouver, BC, Canada) and Burnt Palms (Seaside, CA, USA). 4 tracks from each band.

Both bands have a strong female perspective, crunchy guitars, and pop hooks galore. Lots to like here. Two very talented and inspiring west coast bands, some of the best! The songs seem to reflect their surroundings a bit as the Love Cuts have a little darker, northwest gloom to them while Burnt Palms tracks have a sunnier, coastal California feel.

You may know Love Cuts from their excellent 7" on Nominal Records, "Glitter" tape or "+2 -1" EP, all of which are phenomenal. Burnt Palms has an equally impressive track record with two full length albums and a split tape on the UK-based Very Gun Records.

First edition of 100 copies. SOLID WHITE cassette tape w/ hand stamped white labels, red ink.

tracey vath - guitar + vocals
kaity mcwhinney - guitar + vocals
cheryl carpenter - drums

recorded by adam f. in vancouver, bc

christina riley - guitar + vocals
clara nieto - drums
brian dela cruz - bass

recorded by greg ashley in oakland, ca

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